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Didis 18 september 2011 08:59

Dragon Age II DLC - Mark of the Assassin
Ergens deze herfst...relatie met, en dat vond ik wel interessant, binnenkort start een 6 delige web series, Dragon Age: Redemption. In de DLC gaat Hawke samen met de series 'main character, Tallis' (stem en looks door The Guild's Felicia Day) een Quest aan.

"Originally announced back in January, Dragon Age: Redemption follows elven assassin Tallis as she attempts to hunt down a renegade mage and secure her freedom. Day, who also produced the series, told USA Today that the project would be "a step above what we have seen on the Web before." Redemption's premiere has not yet been given a firm date, but a tie-in with the DLC release seems likely."

Cerbus 18 september 2011 22:08

Ben benieuwd.

Cerbus 12 oktober 2011 17:32

De eerste episode is uit van Dragon age: redemption.


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