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BG51 26 februari 2019 00:21

Gaile Gray Ontslagen ???
Kwam net deze posts tegen van Gaile Gray op het GW2 forum.

24 februari:
Hey folks,

Thanks for asking about my well-being. I assure you I'm fine. I have been out of town on vacation, and not really able to interact on the forums at this time (poor connectivity, I don't do well typing on my phone :blush: , etc.). The mod team is on duty and I'm keeping up with them from time to time, so all's well in that regard.

I will be back in the office on Monday and look forward to talking to you soon.

Edited: Because I am really, really bad at texting on an iPhone.

26 februari:

Goodbye, beloved Guild Wars 2 Community. I love you all and wish you well in the future.

Hier is het forum topic.

BG51 26 februari 2019 00:24

Ze is inderdaad weg bij a-net.


Monkie m 26 februari 2019 20:00

wel zat er aan te komen er word niet genoeg winst gemaakt in de games industrie
kijk na ea
blizard een vele anderen

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