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Als er mensen zijn die SWTOR hebben gepreorded, ik zoek nog twee mensen zodat phase 3 gestart wordt

Phase 3 - Deployment

What is Phase 3: Deployment?

During this phase, guilds that meet certain criteria will be transferred into the game. Your guild’s mini-site and forums will remain available on the website. However, guild creation and administration features will be removed from the website and moved in-game.

Shortly before Early Game Access begins, we will be bringing an end to the Pre-Launch Guild Program as we prepare guilds for import into the game. All guilds will be notified via email a week before the Pre-Launch Guild Program comes to a close.

*We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that qualifying guilds are imported into a server that meets your specified preferences, but we cannot make any guarantees given the anticipated volume of guilds (among other factors). All server placements therefore remain in our sole discretion. We also cannot take responsibility for technical errors or glitches that prevent your guild from importing into the game as planned. See Terms of Service for more details.

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