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Your First Look at Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on August 25, 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our anniversary livestream! We’re excited to share today’s big news with the entire Guild Wars 2 community, so read on for a recap.
Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Teaser

In March, we let you know that development is underway on a third Guild Wars 2 expansion. To celebrate the game’s eighth anniversary, we’ve prepared a special surprise: a first look at what lies ahead in 2021, when we’ll release Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.

In the land of Cantha, ancient voices reflect on Tyria’s history—and its future. Watch the teaser below and visit the official site to sign up for our newsletter.

Guild Wars 2 Is Coming to Steam

On today’s anniversary livestream, we announced that Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam in November. We look forward to welcoming even more players to Tyria to join our community!

If you log in through Steam, you’ll still play alongside your fellow Tyrians on the same maps and servers (select NA or EU). Whether you choose to log in through Steam or the Guild Wars 2 launcher, everyone plays together! However, please note that you cannot convert an existing Guild Wars 2 account to a Steam account or convert a Steam account to a non-Steam account.

Stay up to date on the latest news by visiting our official Steam page and wishlisting Guild Wars 2.


Ik ben niet echt online voor GW2 maar je kan me gewoon op Discord, Steam (zit in de LLL groep) vinden.
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