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Is mij nog niet gelukt maar heb geduld

How I Got My Kung Fu Tea Rewards[Question]

Here's a little explanation to help people who are trying to get the rewards from the Kung Fu Tea Promotion.

1: Have a smart phone and a social media account prepared (Instagram or Facebook. Twitter doesn't seem to work.)

2: Download the Kung Fu Tea App, open it and make an account.

3: At the top left of the main page, you'll see 3 white bars- press them and go to "Social Rewards."

4: You'll see 3 titles, "Rewards" "Activity" and "Profile." Press profile and hit "Connect Social Media Accounts"

5: (First tricky part) There will be 2 sliders- One for Facebook and one for Instagram, press the one that you use. Enter your login information for that social media account and hit enter (you may want to highlight your username and copy it for this part). After you hit enter, you'll WANT to see your social media profile name listed under the "profile tab." If you don't, your login did not work and you'll have to try again (most likely again and again and again like spamming a Tangled Depths map)

6: (Second tricky part) After you've successfully logged in and your social media name appears under the "profile" tab, click the "rewards tab." MOST LIKELY, you'll see a message saying "There are no Rewards available etc." If you see this, press the back button at the top left. Press the 3 white bars at the top left. Press "Social Rewards" and then the "Rewards" tab. This process refreshed the rewards list. Keep doing that over and over until you get a loading screen on the "Rewards" tab. Wait for the loading screen (3-20min).

7: When the "Rewards" tab finally finished loading, you'll have a few options to select. Press the "Free Gw2 Outfit" option. MOST LIKELY, you'll get an error message. KEEP PRESSING. Press the outfit option again and again until you get a loading screen. Wait for the loading screen. (2-10min)

8: Once the Loading screen goes away, the option for the free outfit should have disappeared. If it has, you've most likely secured the outfit. In 2-30 minutes, you'll get a red "1" next to the "Profile" tab. Press profile and then press messages. Wait for the messages list to populate and you should see a message with your codes. SCREEN SHOT THIS MESSAGE so you don't lose it.

Good Luck!
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