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IGN: ingame achternaam = Soulstice
Updates voor morgen en volgende week (engels nu)

Outlook on the next updates
We want to give you a short outlook about things to come in both this week’s update as well as the plans for the update scheduled for next week. This week’s update will be a smaller maintenance one in order for us to tidy up a couple of the issues while we work on the next larger update which is currently being tested and hopefully will be ready for the live servers next week.

Our tech team is hard at work to investigate about memory leaks (like for example the issue with your map going gray) and they have made inroads on those issues, and we have found and resolved a couple with this weeks update. This is of course a process that does not end now - on the contrary. The team will keep on working hard to find the leaks that are still there so we can expect more of them to be resolved in updates to come. Finding such memory leaks is quite a tricky thing but we are making progress and the tech team is keeping the focus on this issue.

Also fixed should be the issues from last week was the behavior of caster pets as some of them were in fact quite passive after they had been summoned. Our developers have found the source of that issue and the fix for this is getting tested by QA so this week's update should resolve this issue.
Updated Information:
Unfortunately the pet fix has slipped out due to an issue with the fix that requires it to be looked into a little more and should hopefully be in next weeks update.

Lastly with this week’s update we wanted to give you all the opportunity to revise your feat points given the recent changes to the abilities and feat trees. What we have done is that the counter of how many times a character has reset his feats will be set to zero so the next reset will be viewed as being the first one in terms of money it will cost, as if you had never reset any feats before.

As we mentioned at the top, the update planned for next week should include some additions and changes that our community has been looking forward to (beside the usual fixes and updates).

Instance Changes

There are for example changes to the Pyramid of the Ancients dungeon which include wide improvements of the encounters and dangers that can be found in the pyramid. We really think that this will make it an interesting dungeon and should provide a real challenge for solo players.

Next up is Toirdebach’s Tomb in The Fields of the Dead. This group instance has been tweaked so that the mob levels are more in keeping with the level of the Fields of the Dead. We have also been through and amended the placement of mobs in the dungeon so that the balance between ranged and melee opponents should be much fairer to groups trying to tackle this ancient evil!

Resource Zone Updates

The resource and building zones (Lacheish Plains, Purple Lotus Swamp and Poitain) have had a thorough repopulation based on player feedback as to what resources were problematic. New resource nodes and many new camps have been added to these zones to help the avid tradeskillers amongst you find what you need. Be warned though venturing too far off the beaten path may result in you finding yourself face to face with some dangerous foes who won’t take kindly to you trying to harvest from them!

These fixes will be made available on the Testlive server later this week. So if you are interested in checking out these changes beforehand make sure you connect to the Testlive servers.

Please bear in mind that all these updates will of course be tested in detail before we decide whether they can be made available for the live servers. But we will keep you up to date about the latest status.

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IGN: Tsuko Leovile
Leuke update alleen ik kan niet meer spelen -.-

Dankzei meneer Ziggo >.<

Ik wil weer Age of Conan in T_T, maar zodra ik probeer te connecten naar de server valt hij uit. Tevens doet hij het ook bij guildwars daar kan ik maar even online blijven en dan lig ik weer plat -.-

Counterstrike is het enige spel dat ik normaal met hoge lagg kan spelen, terwijl ik het maar vreemd vind, nouja ze komen onze modem hier vervangen en hopelijk kan ik dan weer spelen T_T

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IGN: ingame achternaam = Soulstice
we missen je al , hoop dat de problemen snel opgelost worden
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IGN: ingame achternaam = Soulstice
Preliminary July 30th Patch Notes

Preliminary Update Notes

**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**
(oftewel deze updates zijn van de TESTSERVER, maar worden hoogstwaarschijnlijk vandaag/nu doorgevoerd op de Live servers)

* Several causes of crashes and assert failures have been addressed and fixed.
* The Skewbald Pinto Horse has had its stats adjusted to horses of the same tier and price.
* Important notification sounds now won't be interrupted by other sounds.
* Mounts can no longer be sold.
* A fix was implemented for item descriptions when switching between languages on the client.
* Fixed an issue that would cause some playfields to be empty after logging out for some time, and then back in.
* You can no longer send unlimited mail through the tradepost. If you send several mails and are informed via system message you cannot send any more, you will need for in-game time to pass before being able to send more mail.
* Ignored users will no longer be able to send you mail.
* Raid playfields will now kick players who are not in the raid.

* All Assassin, Barbarian, Bear Shaman, Conqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian, Herald of Xotli, and Ranger combo damage and stamina costs have been rebalanced to match the newly adjusted animations.

* Combos granted by feats should now deal significantly more damage than before.

* Aborting multihit combos before they're finished won't activate their full effects anymore.
* Pet commands should now be more responsive.

* The "Quests" tab in the quest journal should now indicate the current number of accepted quests and the total number of allowed quests.
* An option to add a player to your ignore list was added to the "Add by name" dialog.
* If your trade is rejected, you will receive an onscreen message.
* Tooltips for NPCs on the map should now show up in the localized version of their names, instead of their default English names.
* You can no longer trade while in combat mode.
* You will see an onscreen message stating that a team member has joined your team.
* Onscreen feedback for a failed attempt at a trade due to a full inventory has been tweaked.
* Added a new option that allows the player to make his cloak invisible.

* Toirdealbach's Tomb has had its level range adjusted from 50-53 to 46-48. Loot in Toirdealbach's Tomb has been adjusted to fit the new level range of mobs.
* Pyramid of the Ancients: The Harem Girls have been dressed up properly, and sexily!

* Players will now always see Massive PvP results, and the time left in a battle during battles. This information is displayed in the right top corner, below the minimap.

* Field of the Dead: Changed the level on the quest Entourage from 52 to 47.
* Field of the Dead: Changed the level on the quest Cleansing the Tomb from 53 to 48.
* Khopshef Province: Forbidden Knowledge - The Crumbling Codex will now despawn after it is picked up.
* Khopshef Province: Slave Cages will now show a visual effect when player is on the correct quest to interact with them.
* Pyramid of the Ancients: New Quests have been added to enhance your questing experience. Bosses have been upgraded to present a challenge to solo (or small groups) of players. Pay careful attention to the items they drop - they could be the key to defeating more challenging enemies.
* Pyramid of the Ancients: All quests should now be working.
* Tarantia Sewers: Orphans in the Hovel - Galeria should now talk to you after you kill her captor.

* Cloth Resource droprate in the world has increased somewhat.
* The Resource and Building playfields (Lacheish Plains, Purple Lotus Swamp, Poitain) have new NPC camps that will drop tradeskill items previously only available through the Alchemist's Cache. Some of these encampments will aggro, some will not. This makes these zones more dangerous, but allows lower level players a chance to get the tier 1-3 resources they need.

* Checkerboard textures should no longer appear on the ground throughout the world.
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