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Age of Conan /Command List

-Whorship & Wargasm

Note: The following list may be subject to change with the release of Age of Conan.

General Commands

/afk - Away From Keyboard - Brings up a box up where you can enter a AFK note.
/born - Lists the Date your character was created.
/bugreport - Brings up the bug report window.
/camp - Starts Logout Process.
/capfps - Gm Command.
/carsclient- Gm Command.
/ch - Chats to a "Chat-Group".
/char&viewdist - Gm Command.
/chardist - Gm Command.
/chsay - Say something in "Chat-Group".
/close - Gm Command.
/commandtimermove - Gm Function.
/debugtag - Gm Function.
/disablesh - Gm Function.
/emote - The Emote Command.
/fhelp- Fanatic Help.
/follow - Follow the selected target.
/g - Use to talk in Group Chat.
/group - Use to talk in Group Chat.
/gu - Types to Guild.
/guiatlas- Gm Command.
/guild - Use to talk in Guild Chat.
/guildsay - Use to talk in Guild Chat.
/help - Bring up the Help System.
/hide - Uses the hide skill.
/ignore *name* - Puts person on Ignore List.
/instanceselection - Gm Command.
/invite *name* - Invites person to Group.
/kick *name* - kicks person from Group.
/leave - Leaves Group.
/list - Lists Players.
/logcombat- Turns on Combat Logger.
/me - same as /emote.
/moveplayerwithcamera - Gm Command.
/ooc - Out Of Character Chat.
/paintball - Gm Function.
/petitiion- Opens Gm petition system.
/played - Lists time played in game.
/playerformation - Gm Command.
/pointlights - Gm Function.
/quit - Quits the game.
/r - Use to talk in Raid chat.
/ra - Use to talk in Raid chat.
/raid - Use to talk in Raid chat.
/rdbcache- Gm Command.
/reloadhotkeys - Resets the hotkey options.
/reloadshader - Resets the Shaders.
/reloadshortcuts - Resets shortcuts.
/reply - Reply to a tell.
/s - Same as /say.
/say - Talks in open localized chat.



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